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Directors' desk

“A True Leader Never Settles and Always Strive to Set the Benchmark Standard Higher”.

Lall Steels was founded with the sole intention of producing products and developing solutions to provide the best quality products and services to our customers. In due course of time significant number of steel industries have been set up in India which has significantly diluted the quality of steel available in the market. But we never compromised on the quality of our products and that’s the sole reason why we have been successfully Building India Since 1986. Our father, Shri Gobardhan Lal laid the first foundation with the ethics of quality, innovation, and commitment to society. Strong structures, in his opinion, were and are the foundation of delighted families, who in turn form responsible societies. We continue to follow the same morality.

Jai Prakash Lal & Vijay Kumar Lal

The Operations Lead

We have immense experience in steel manufacturing because working at different levels in different roles has enabled us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the industry parameters, standards, and most importantly consumer requirements.

Sanjay Kumar


Before being approved for sale, every product is subjected to stringent standard check. This emphasis on providing the highest quality products to our customers; has earned us a priceless positive reputation in the industry.

Ajay Kumar Lal

The Sales & Marketing Director

You should never strive to sell a product/service to your customers which you can’t sell to yourself. The thought itself speaks about our customer centric focus & approach and that’s what our company and its brand communicate. We continuously keep challenging ourselves to provide the best quality PRODUCT at reasonable PRICE and CAMPAIGN the same in our target MARKETS

Anurag Lall
TMT Steel Bars in Jharkhand